Automatically categorize your expenses

Categorize transactions from bank CSVs using our AI engine and your custom rules

Customize categories and let our AI engine do the rest

Unscatter automatically associates transactions with your custom categories. You can also build a set of custom rules that will be applied to your transactions.

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Save time when importing transactions into your budgeting spreadsheet

Unscatter does a first pass of categorization for you, so you can focus on the transactions that need your attention. Save the updated CSV and import it into your budgeting spreadsheet. Unscatter handles 100s to 1000s of transactions in seconds.

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The safety of your data is our top priority. Your data is processed in a secure environment. Your data is never sold to third parties.
Build a set of custom rules or use our AI engine to automatically infer expense categories.
Unscatter eliminates repetitive categorization, handling 100s to 1000s of transactions in seconds.
Scan receipts (coming soon)
Unscatter will soon support splitting transactions and uploading receipts to categorize transactions in-depth.