Data privacy

We know that sharing your financial data is never an easy thing to do. Here’s how we ensure your data is kept private and secure.

Your data is never sold to third parties

The data you upload is never shared or sold to third parties. Furthermore, we don’t show ads, and your data will not be given to third parties who show ads.

Unscatter is currently free and may incorporate customer subscription-based monetization in the future.

Private information is not stored in our systems

Unscatter does not use or keep track of your personal information (name, location, date of birth, etc.). Unique IDs in your transactions, such as the0019206 in CHEVRON 0019206, are removed before categorizing transactions and are not stored.

Unscatter maintains generic transaction mappings (such as that Chevron is a gas company).

Unscatter uses secure cloud environments to process data

Our systems are built off industry-standard cloud environments. All data is encrypted during transit and at rest. We follow best practices to safeguard our systems learned during our time working at companies like Microsoft and Amazon.