How to download your CSV statements from Citibank

Citibank provides a simple interface to download your transactions, making it easy to track expenses or budget with spreadsheets.

Step 1: Select the desired account

Select the desired account

Step 2: Select the desired date range

Select date range

Step 3: Click on View

Click on View

Step 4: Click on Download Transactions

Click on Download Transactions

Step 5: Click CSV and download

Click CSV and download

(Optional) Customize expense categories

Citibank doesn’t allow customizing your expense categories, meaning you have to manually go through expenses and set new categories in your spreadsheets. Although you get some visibility over each transaction, this can be be a time-consuming process.

To bulk infer expense categories using a custom set of categories, try Unscatter. You can upload your CSV data and automatically categorize expenses, speeding up your expense tracking workflow immensely.